Thursday, June 08, 2006 - News - Man Leads Police On High-Speed Chase

I was crossing the border into Tijuana when this happened!!! We got to see the border patrol converge on the oncoming traffic and stop it waiting for this guy to get to the border!!! We knew "something" was up, just not what!!! - News - Man Leads Police On High-Speed Chase btw, we got back from Mexico fine, and with goodies to bring home!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Close up of the PurpPeach Ornament by LT Posted by Picasa

Granny's Mommy's Day pressie... Posted by Picasa

Granny's Freebie Ornament Posted by Picasa

Peach Twist (and part of a bottle of Finger Lakes Peach Wine...) Posted by Picasa

Mom's Mommy's Day pressie... Posted by Picasa

I can't believe I made this!!! Posted by Picasa

Stacy's Pretty for her desk at work... Posted by Picasa

4 Direction colors and 5 hot rocks... (well, air bubbles symbolizing rocks...) Posted by Picasa

M'Dona's b-day/Mother's Day pressie... Posted by Picasa

Happy B-day Hoss, this is a real GLOB o'glass... Posted by Picasa

1st Paperweight made...Jerry's Purple Ode Posted by Picasa

A better angle of watching blown ornaments... Posted by Picasa

Blowing ornaments Posted by Picasa

Getting it good and shaped.... Posted by Picasa

Rollin, rollin, rollin, rawhide.... Posted by Picasa

Poking more bubbles Posted by Picasa

Stacy poking glass for air bubbles... Posted by Picasa

At the furnace....... yummmmmm HOT GLASS...... Posted by Picasa

Where is that damn cherrywood mold... Posted by Picasa

Rodi holding and Stacy turning still.... Posted by Picasa

Rodi twisting inside of paperweight while Stacy turns punty Posted by Picasa

Marvering Hot Glass... Posted by Picasa

short statuettes in Corning... anatomical too... Posted by Picasa